Transforming Campus Storage Solutions.

Attention School Administrators: Streamline your student storage challenges during move-in and move-out with Boomerang Storage, your go-to since 2008 for an efficient and green solution. We lead with the industry's highest fulfillment rate, understanding the critical nature of reliable storage solutions. Our process simplifies communication with parents and students, offers easy online registration, and provides free boxes and labels for a seamless experience.

We pick up and return belongings directly from and to students' dorm rooms (in most cases), ensuring security and eliminating the risk of misplaced items. Stored securely over the summer or semester, students' items are returned to their rooms upon their arrival, making the process worry-free. Boomerang Storage stands ready with references from peer institutions, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and the enhancement of the student experience.

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What sets us apart? Our storage program is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your school. We're not just about moving and storing; we're about providing peace of mind with our bonded, insured, and licensed services, backed by decades of industry experience.

Plus, our commitment to sustainability through our "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" program means partnering with us is a step towards a greener campus. We use 100% recycled paper for our boxes and offer reusable containers to minimize environmental impact.