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Why Boomerang Back to Us?

Since 2008, Boomerang Storage has been the MVP of moving and storage, mastering the logistics for tens of thousands of students with our unique blend of experience and enthusiasm. We've seen it all, helped hoards of students (we're talking tens of thousands, but who's counting?), and somehow still love it. What sets us apart? Beyond handling every challenge with a wink and a smile, it's our exceptional track record: we average a less than 0.1% claim rate per year. This isn't just service; it's the Boomerang Effect—where your belongings reliably return to you in the condition they left. So, if you're into working with folks who've been around the block more times than your dad's 'classic' jokes, we're your team. Choose us!

VIP Storage Experience.

Boomerang Storage: We're the rockstars of the storage world, offering door-to-door luxury in Western MA and throughout the rest of New England. Unlimited free boxes? Check. In-room pickup and delivery? Double-check. We secure your stuff, then bring it back to your new room with more precision than a homing pigeon. Your belongings might just get there before you do (depending on the school), ready to start the semester in style.

The Boomerang Effect.

With Boomerang Storage, sending your stuff away is like a magic trick where everything comes back to you, right when you need it. Our goal? To make your items return so smoothly, you'll swear they grew wings. Trust us once, and not only will your belongings boomerang back directly to your room, but you'll be hooked on how easy we make moving and storage.

Green Is the New Black.

Jumping on the eco-warrior bandwagon, Boomerang Storage is all about that "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" life. Our boxes aren't just boxes; they're 100% recycled treasures. Partnering with schools, we promise to keep our dance with containers as eco-friendly as a vegan brunch. It's part of our charm offensive to save the planet one box at a time because even moving and storage can have a heart of green.

The Trusty Storage Saga.

Since 2008, Boomerang Storage has been more than just a fling for your things.

Since emerging in 2008 as one of the first companies nationwide to specialize in student storage solutions, Boomerang Storage has evolved from the newbie on the block to the go-to guru for student moving and storage throughout Western MA and New England. And we're not just a summer sensation, we're rocking the residential and commercial moving scene all year long.

Forget outsourcing—our own crew of vetted movers and energetic student helpers ensures your stuff is treated with the care it deserves, ensuring everything you store with us swings back to you when you need it, no hiccups.

Our reputation for seamless moves is no accident; it's a promise that what you entrust to us will find its way back to you, safe and sound. With Boomerang Storage, moving in and out is easy.

Customer Service
Boomerang Storage: Where every interaction sparkles with top-notch service, making mishaps as rare as a friendly cat.
Timeliness is our middle name at Boomerang, delivering your stuff with the reliability of a Swiss watch.
Your treasures are as safe with us as a secret in a diary—Boomerang Storage, where trust is built-in.
With Boomerang, pricing clarity meets service brilliance—expect no surprises, just satisfaction.
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