Boomerang FAQs: Your Packing and Storage Playbook.

Got questions? We've got answers! Dive into our FAQs for the inside scoop on making your move with Boomerang Storage a breeze. From wrapping your gadgets in a bubble wrap hug to ensuring your boxes are labeled clearer than a sunny day, we cover it all. It's everything you need to pack like a champ and keep your belongings safe and sound, Boomerang style.
Why Do Students Love Boomerang?
How's Boomerang's Pricing Work?
Can I Use My Own Boxes?
When and How Do I Get My Free Box Kit?
What's the Size of These Free Boxes?
When Does Boomerang Pick Up My Storage?
Any Floor, Any Room, Right?
How Early Do I Need to Schedule a Pickup or Delivery?
Do I Need to Be There for Pickup?
What About Insurance for My Stored Items?
Can I Get Stuff Out of Storage Early?
If I'm Not Coming Back, Can You Ship My Stuff?
Is Your Warehouse Climate-Controlled?
What If I Need Pickup or Delivery Outside Your Listed Dates?
What Are Your Packaging Guidelines?
When Is Payment Due?
Can You Deliver to Schools Not Listed on Your Site?