Shipping Services

Need to ship your storage to a new school or to home?

Please note that Boomerang has a 25% surcharge over the standard UPS rates that account for sending our moving team to your dorm room to haul out your boxes and store them for a briefly before processing. Each box shipped via UPS comes automatically with $100 of Declared value protection.

To get an estimate of what your shipping charges will be, go to this site The exterior dimensions of our standard Boomerang box for pricing purposes is 24x19x19.  The median weight of a typical student box is 50 lbs. For the price displayed, multiply that price by 125% to get your final price.

  • UPS Ground Service:  Use this for smaller shipments as it is usually your most economical option.
  • Vanline: Need your storage brought directly to your home or new school and carried inside?  Ask about vanline service.
  • Freight Services:  Use this service if you have a whole dorm room to ship.
  • International Shipping:  Need your storage shipped abroad?  The UPS Store can send your belongings via UPS, DHL, or Postal.
  • If you need something packed that is fragile, very heavy or won’t fit in our standard Boom box 24x18x18, charges vary between $50-$100 per item depending on how large, heavy, or fragile the item is.

Packing Services

Need your dorm room packed up? We can help! Most of your stuff will fit into our standard boxes (24″x18″x18″) but we can pack pretty much anything.  Here is a (incomplete) list of common items we pack and associated pricing on a per-item basis.

Our Box (24x18x18) Non Fragile $25.00
Our Box (24x18x18) Fragile $40.00
Larger than our box Non Fragile $35.00
Larger than our box Fragile or Extra Fragile $60.00 – $100.00
Guitar $60.00
Fridge $60.00
Bike $100.00
Fan $40.00
Suitcases $25.00
Desk Chair (packing needed only if shipping) $50.00
XL Desk Chair or Gaming Chair $85.00
Art work- Depending on size $30.00-$100.00
Poster Tube $10.00


Receiving and Delivery

Out of demand from our customers, we’ve designed a service where you can ship anything to our warehouse and we’ll deliver directly to your dorm.  At most schools we service, we can deliver directly inside your new room even before you arrive back at school.


  • Option 1: Call or email for an inbound shipping quote to our warehouse. Boxes, tape, and shipping labels will be sent to you. Then just pack everything up and we’ll receive your boxes at our warehouse and deliver to your room.
  • Option 2: $25 per box if you choose to ship your boxes to us on your own. (Includes receiving at our warehouse and delivering directly to your dorm room)

NOTE: Additional charges may apply for over-sized packages such as dressers, beds/mattresses, large dorm fridges, etc…  We work with The UPS Store to process, pack, and ship your belongings. 

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