Summer Storage Prices

For longer term storage see our Study Abroad Rates

What's included in the price?

  1. Pick Up & Delivery at your room (At many schools, delivery directly to your new room before you return)
  2. FREE Boxes, Tape, and Furniture Covers
  3. FREE Insurance up to $100 per box. Additional insurance available for purchase
  4. Storage for the whole summer. Prices are Per item / Summer
  5. The peace of mind you get knowing you choose to store with Boomerang!

You don't need to know what your storing to sign up for a storage or shipping pickup

Boxes, Plastic Totes & Plastic Tubs

Item Price / Summer
Small / Medium - Any box, tote, or tub smaller than our "Boom Box" $45.00
Large - AKA "The Boom Box" Our main size box (23x18x18) $50.00
XL - Any box, tub, or tote, larger than our "Boom Box" up to 6 cubic feet $65.00
Your own boxes, totes, tubs- We'll store anything!  Compare to sizes then rates above


Item Price / Summer
Duffel Bag $55.00
XL Duffel Bag $65.00
Suitcase- Carry on size $55.00
Suitcase- Larger than carry on size $65.00
Trunk 70.00

Fridges and Microwaves

Item Price / Summer
Refrigerator $60.00
Microwave $40.00

Dorm Room Furniture

Item Price / Summer
Bed Frame $60.00
Box Spring $90.00
Couch or Large Upholstered Chair $100.00
Desk Chair or Office Chair $60.00
Futon $95.00
Hutch or Bookshelf $65.00
Lamp $40.00
Large Dresser $95.00
Large Table or Desk $80.00
Mattress $95.00
Night Stand or End Table $55.00
Plastic Drawer Unit $55.00
Rug - Larger than 4'x6' $60.00
Rug - Smaller than 4'x6' $40.00

Misc Items

Item Price / Summer
Bike $65.00
Guitar $60.00
Mirror or Artwork $60.00
Skis / Snowboard $60.00
Television over 25" - Unboxed $75.00
Television under 25" - Unboxed $55.00
Other Items- We match the size relative to our box sizes and price accordingly plus $2-$5  Please Inquire

Other FEE'S

Please see our FAQ page


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