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Make life easy... schedule your Boomerang Storage "Lugger" today!

Save your back by scheduling your own personal Boomerang Storage "Lugger" for only $40 for 30 minutes of service.

Need more than 30 minutes of lugging? No problem, for only $20 per 30 minutes (after your first 30 minutes is used up) you can  our service for as long as needed.

Eliminate the struggle, hassle and pain of heavy-lifting and moving your belongings in/out of your dorm room by using the Boomerang Storage "Lugger" Service. You can rest while your belongings are being lugged. Our "Lugger" service includes 1 mover with 1 hand truck (dolly) that will do all of the labor for you! You can use our service for as little as 30 minutes or up to hours at a time.  

We are sure you will be happy with our service. If you are not looking to have your belongings stored... but don't want the headache of a laboring move, then this is perfect for you!

Note: If you would like to leave any comments or instructions to your order you will be able to do so upon checkout.

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