R.A.D. Service - Hampshire College

Ship packages from home to us or buy items online like school supplies and dorm furniture from online retailers. Then simply ship them to us. We will accept anything at our warehouse and deliver your belongings to you, when you want them right inside your dorm room.

We have a R.A.D. new service for you that was created out of demand from many of our loyal customers. 

It is simply "Receiving and Delivery"  (R.A.D.) 

PRICING: (Includes receiving your items, storage of your items and redelivery to you when you want them.)

  • 1-3 packages = $50.00.
  • 4 or more packages = $100.00.

NOTE: Additional charges may apply for oversized packages such as dressers, beds/mattresses, large refridgerators, etc.

INSTRUCTIONS: (The shipping address to use upon your purchase from any store is provided below. IMPORTANT... Please ship your items to this address and make sure to include "R.A.D. Storage and Your Full Name" in Line #2 of the address field.)

Boomerang Storage, LLC.
R.A.D. Storage
351 Pleasant St.
Northampton, MA 01060
PH: (413) 586-2666

Q: How does it work? 

A: Ship anything you wish to our warehouse and we will store it, then deliver it right to your room at school.  This can be convenient if your school won't allow you to ship your belongings early or if you just want to have a couple of guys haul boxes up to your room.  At many schools we can even deliver what you send to us right into your new room before you arrive to school*

Q: What can you send?  

A: Customers send purchases from Amazon, Staples, boxes of clothing, school supplies, and more. 


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