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Welcome school administrators to our site! If you've landed on this page, your likely overwhelmed and ready for a change with regards to the student summer storage situation at your school.  Maybe you don't have a company handling student storage or maybe the company your currently working with isn't living up to the standards you expect.  

My name is Scott George, owner of Boomerang Storage and I have been serving students storage and shipping needs since 1998. Our talented team is an energetic crew that specializes in relieving this headache for thousands of students, parents, and administrators each year at their respective schools. Here is a quick glance of how our summer storage services works.

  1. We inform parents and students of exactly how our service works.
  2. Student's or parents register for service on our website.
  3. We deliver FREE boxes and labels. 
  4. We pick up all storage during the student move out period.
  5. All storage is transported to our secure warehouse for the summer.
  6. Lastly, we deliver storage back to campus.  Often times we deliver into the students new room assignment prior to their return. 

Note.  Our storage program is customizable to tailor the needs of your school.

Call or email us to set up a meeting.  We would love an opportunity to demonstrate how we can simplify the process of the student move in move out period.


Serving since 1998, bonded and insured, and we carry and maintain all federal and state moving and storage licenses.  

MDPU #31673, DOT #2204901, MC #765077


Boomerang Storage's "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" is part of our sustainability strategy to reduce our environmental footprint.  Our boxes are made out of 100% recycled paper. We also offer an array of reusable containers as requested.  Our commitment to any school that partners with us will be to make sure all storage containers are properly recycled.

Schools Serviced:

We serve thousands of students and several schools in the New England region each year. Below are just some of the schools we service. 


View our rates here.

Phone No: 413-586-2666