Study Abroad Rates

Studying Abroad, taking a semester off, or leaving early?  

 We can store for as short or long as you need. Check out our monthly rates below



What's included in the price?

  1. Pick Up & Delivery at your room.  
  2. FREE Boxes, Tape, and Furniture Covers
  3. FREE Insurance up to $100 per box. Additional insurance available for purchase
  4. Storage per month.  Only pay for as long as you need stoage, no more.
  5. The peace of mind you get knowing you choose to store with Boomerang!

You don't need to know what your storing to sign up for a storage or shipping pickup


Item Price / Month
Small / Medium - Any box smaller than our signature "Boom Box" $11.00
Large - "The Boom Box" (23x18x18) Boomerang's Standard Box or equivalent sized tote or tub $13.00
XL Any box larger than our "Boom Box" i.e. up to 6 cubic feet $16.00
Your own boxes, totes, plastic tubs, or unboxed items will be measured and priced in relation to our sizing structure above. Compare to sizes and rates above


Item Price / Month
Duffel Bag $13.00
XL Duffel Bag $16.00
Suitcase $13.00
Suitcase Large $16.00
Trunk $13.00
Trunk Large $16.00

Fridges and Microwaves

Item Price / Month
Refrigerator $15.00
Microwave $11.00

Dorm Room Furniture

Item Price / Month
Bed Frame $13.00
Box Spring $20.00
Couch or Large Upholstered Chair $25.00
Desk $18.00
Desk Chair or Office Chair $14.00
Dresser $22.00
End Table $13.00
Futon $22.00
Hutch or Book case $14.00
Lamp $8.00
Mattress $20.00
Mirror or Artwork $13.00
Plastic Drawer Unit $12.00
Rug - Large $12.00
Rug - Small $8.00

Misc Items

Item Price / Month
Bike $15.00
Skis / Snowboard $12.00
Television under 25" - Unboxed $13.00
Television over 25" - Unboxed $16.00
Other Item - Medium $11.00
Other Item - Large $13.00
Other Item - Extra Large $16.00

Other FEE'S

Please see our FAQ page

Need Shipping? Visit your school on our website for more information.  We have lots of options