Boomerang Storage, LLC. is hiring for our busy student summer storage business. We have a few positions available for conducting moving and storage pickups & deliveries at several colleges, universities, and boarding schools for students who store their belongings with us.

This is a seasonal job. Details are as follows.  


We currently have 2 job positions open:  

Drivers / Crew Member: Responsible for driving, processing orders, conducting pickups & deliveries of storage, loading / unloading & working with management.

*Mostly daytime hours and some evenings

Crew Team Member: Responsible for conducting pickups & deliveries of storage, loading and unloading trucks.  (Non-Driving)

 *Mostly daytime hours and some evenings


Overall Job Duties:


  • Providing moving services to students
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Driving - Crew team leaders and members.  (Non-driving positions available)
  • Entering orders via our storage management system (Crew team leaders)
  • Processing sales (Crew team leaders)


Dates of hire:

-Spring School Move-Out Period (Late April to end of May / early June)

-Fall School Move-Out Period (August to early September)

Job requirements:


  • -Strong work ethic
  • -Must be able to lift 60+ pounds
  • -Valid driver’s license and clean driving record (for drivers only)
  • -Subject to background check
  • -Must be a team player
  • -Have a reliable way to get to work
  • -Must be polite / courteous


Pay: $12.00 to $15.00 per hours, tips and bonus incentive