Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does your pricing work?
A. We charge per piece we pickup per summer. Please refer to our pricing list under the "student storage" tab on our home page. Pricing

Pickup and Delivery

Q. Do I have to use your boxes or can I use my own?
A. Our boxes are just complimentary.  You may use your own boxes, plastic totes, tubs, trunks, or whatever you wish to store your belongings in. Just be sure that the construction of the container is sturdy.

Q. Will you pick up my items for storage on any floor level?
A. Yes, any floor level right at your room for no extra charge.

Q. How far in advance do I have to arrange for a storage pickup or delivery?                                                              

A. We ask that you register online at minimum of 48 hours prior to your scheduled pickup or delivery. If you schedule later than that, we will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot guarentee service on a date so close to your registration.

Q. Do I have to be present for my storage pickup?
A. Ideally, Yes.  However, we do make exceptions if you cannot be present.  Please inquire.

Q. Can I retrieve items in storage during my storage term?
A. Special arrangements can be made for us to pull items early. We kindly ask you to give us 48 hours notice.  This only applies to our Door-to-Door Storage services. Please note, there is a $35 charge to have us pull your items from the warehouse in order for you to pick your storage up. 

Q. When will Boomerang Storage be picking up my storage?
A.  Please refer to the schedule posted for your school on the “Calendar” page under the info tab.

Q. Is it true that Boomerang Storage can deliver my storage into my new dorm room at the end of the summer before I get back to school?
A. Yes. At many of the schools we service, we can deliver your storage right into your new room assignment prior to your return.

Q. If I do not return to school, can Boomerang Storage deliver my storage to a location of my choice?
A. Yes, we can ship or deliver your storage anywhere you like.  Please contact us for rates.

Q. Does Boomerang Storage offer Climate Controlled Storage?
A.  Our warehouse is not air conditioned but during the summer months our warehouse tends to remain at an appropriate tempertature for storage. In the winter months our warehouse is heated. 

Q.  Custom Deliveries or Pick Ups

 A.  In the event that a student needs their storage pick up or delivery outside our scheduled dates for their school, we do offer custom deliveries/ pick ups with a fee starting at $75 or more based upon your campus location from the warehouse and how much needs to be moved and/or stored.  It is our pleasure to accommodate such needs, but please note the dates and times you choose are not guaranteed as we service many other students and schools.  Student must be present for all custom deliveries. 


Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Q. Will I pay extra if I don’t use Boomerang Storage’s boxes?
A. No.  We will just match the size of your box or plastic tote for example to our sizing and price accordingly.

Q. How and when do I get my free box kit?
A. Depending on your school, we will either bring them to a central location for you to pickup or ship them directly to you. You will receive your boxes by finals week at the latest. 

Q. How many packing boxes can I get for free?
A. Your box coupon allows you 4 large boxes (23x18x18) and a roll of tape for packing.  You may take an unlimited amount of boxes provided you use them for storage by sending us an email. If the additional boxes are not used for storage, just give them back to us when we pick up your storage.  For boxes that are taken and not used for storage or shipping, your account will be charged $6 per box


Q: Can Boomerang Storage ship my storage to me?
A:  Yes.  We can ship your storage. Please contact us for associated shipping charges.  Also,  we need a minimum of 48-72 hours to get your shipment out shipped out. 

Q. Can I use my own shipping account and labels and still have Boomerang Storage pick up and ship out my stuff?
A. No.  If you register for shipping services, you must use and pay Boomerang Storage to fullfil your shipping order.  If you absolutely must use your own shipping service, you must pay our state registered moving rates of $118 per hour for handling your packages. 

Preparing for my Pick up

Q. How can I prepare my items for storage to make the pickup fast, organized, and safe?
A. We kindly ask for you to securely tape all boxes on all six seems, disassemble futons, cover mattresses or box springs with a mattress bag, tape any doors shut on furniture, drain your refrigerator and clean it prior to pickup. As far as labeling your boxes, we have a fool proof labeling system.  We will send you labels with your box kits or bring them to you directly at the time of pick up.  If you feel more comfortable, you may print your own labels here > Very Important: All items going into storage must be labeled properly. We do not take apart any furniture, computers, or anything.  Anything you wish to have us move or store must be disassembeled prior to your pickup.


Q. Can I insure my items going into storage against loss or damage?
A. Yes. Each package comes with an automatic $100.00 of declared value coverage. If you wish, you may purchase addition declared value coverage for a rate of $4.00 per $100.00 of value. In order to insure any of your storage, the customer must email the company notifying Boomerang Storage of any items you wish to insure or inform our drivers at the time of pickup. Please read our conditions of use for more infomation located at the bottom of the homepage. 

Packaging Guidelines

(In the unfortunate event damage occurs, your claim will be approved if the following packaging guidelines are followed) Below are our packaging guidelines. Please read carefully
  1. Boxes must be securely taped on all 6 sides
  2. Non Fragile items going into storage don’t necessarily have to be in a box but we strongly recommend boxing all items. If not box, the item must be very well labeled and protected
  3. Trunks, plastic bins or boxes that are used to store your belongings are treated as a box to protect the items on the inside only. We do not cover trunks, plastic bins if broken.  
  4. Beds and furniture must be placed in mattress bags.
  5. Refrigerators must be thoroughly defrosted, cleaned and propped prior to pickup.
  6. All electronics and anything fragile must be have 2-4 inches of approved packing material (bubble wrap, micro-foam, original factory packaging) on all sides of the item. Then the item must be in-cased in a cardboard box. The customer must email the company and purchase insurance if declared value insurance is needed.
  7. All boxes and items going into storage must be very well labeled with your school name, destination dorm, your name, and a number sequence. Ex. 1 of 10, 2 of 10 etc.  If your boxes are not labeled, they stand a risk of getting lost. We strongly recommend printing our labels right off of our site. You can find the labels here
  8. Do not tape two items together that should be stored separately.  If one of the items  gets lost, we will not have way to identify what item was separated and you risk a loss of that item.

Q. When is my storage payment due?
A.  Payment is due at the time of your pickup. We do not accept cash however we do accept checks and for some international students, we do accept wire transfers.

Other Charges 

  • Insurance – Each listed item is insured for $100.00 automatically. Additional insurance can purchased for a rate of $4.00/ $100.00 of value. Insurance limits apply. (See Insurance)
  • Off Campus Pickup or Delivery (Outside a  2 miles radius from your school) – $50.00 each way
  • Missed pick up or delivery – $50.00 
  • Overweight boxes – A surcharge of 50% of the price of your storage for any box weighing over 70 pounds.
  • Transportation of your storage- to a location anywhere outside of your pickup area.  Please contact us for rates.
  • Pickup or delivery outside of our posted service dates on our website - Minimum -$75.00 + depending on delivery location.
  • Moving – 1 Boom crew member and a vehicle- $90 per hour and $75 per each additional hour.  1 hour minimum.
  • Oversized box fee - starts at $50 per box over 25x25x25, could be higher depending on the actual size of the box.
  • Registration fee - The $20 registration fee is required for all services, this fee designates your appointment.  This fee is non-refundable.
  • Warehouse Pickup - If you wish to pick up your storage at our warehouse, there is a one time $35 charge for us to pull and prepare your storage for pickup. We do require 48 hours notice. 

Other FAQ’s   

Q. What if I am a student studying abroad for a year. Does Boomerang Storage offer “long term” storage?
A. We sure do. Please see the pricing page for you school and click on the study abroad / long term pricing link. Q. How can I be sure to secure a storage space?
A. We advise booking with us as soon as you know your going to need summer or study abroad term storage. With that said, we never turn away customers.

Boomerang Storage VS Other Companies

Boomerang Storage Other companies
18 years of experience.  We have been time tested and have passed with flying colors.  When you book your door-to-door storage pickup with us, you can trust that your belongings will be safe. Most other storage and moving companies do not have the experience we have when it comes to serving the student population.  This is a niche we have been serving for a long time.
No outsourcing our workforce. Your belongings are handled by our in-house employees  which translates to - your stuff is really handled with care! Outsourcing is an unfortunate practice that is used by other door-to-door moving and storage businesses.  We feel adding a middle man reduces quality of service.
We utilized our own cloud system where when your order is picked up,  your account is updated live.  This ensures accountability and traceability for all items going into storage.  PEACE OF MIND. Most companies are still using archaic paper forms that create too much room for error.
We have our own huge warehouses where items are properly cared for (shrink wrapped, palletized, and organized). Most summer storage companies rent local self-storage and cram your belongings in with other student’s belongings.  Only in cases where it's been requested by the school, do we rent trailers or storage containers.  95+% of our storage is stored in our own warehouse and palletized.
Students can access storage anytime.  Our organization system and large warehouses   allows us to permit you access.  Just give us a call or send us an email. With other companies, it’s common practice to cram your storage in a trailer or self- storage locker for the summer.  If you need access, good luck, as it’s likely under a huge pile of someone else’s storage. Not with us! Only in cases where it's been requested by the school do we rent trailers or storage containers and your storage is not accessible.
We can store your belongings then deliver to any location in the world! We have the connections and rates to make this happen quickly and affordable. It is true that summer storage outfits will transport or ship your storage to school for you but typically at a highly marked up rate.  Be careful here!
Multiple storage term options.  Whether you need storage for a few weeks or few years, we have many options. Inflexible storage terms usually limiting you to 3, 6, or 12 months.
Trust.  Call or email your school administrator if you have questions about our services.  We are confident that we will be giving high review. Often times do not have relationship with school and serve very few customers.
Fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  Boomerang Storage LLC has an active DOT and MC#. There are too many companies that are not conducting business on a professional level.  Be sure to check for these credentials.