About Us

In 2008, Boomerang Storage, LLC was officially formed, and has now become one of the most trusted and reliable names in the college moving and storage industry. Today we are proud to say that we serve thousands of students in the Northeast every year. Our incredible seasoned staff, and the technology we have implemented, have allowed us to grow and expand our services to meet demand. We are local, have proven our trustworthiness, and make ourselves available when you need us most.

One thing that separates Boomerang Storage from some of the door-to-door storage companies, is that we have the most experience of any single door-to-door school storage company around. We don't just hire employees and student when peak season hits in the spring, we operate year around and have been doing so since day one.

Another thing that separates Boomerang from other companies is that we employ college students to perform much of our operations.  However, with that said, we believe in a blend of professional long time staff mixed with students.  This recipe has worked well since the inception of our business enabling us to make sure our well trained staff is conducting your storage order efficiently and carefully. 

You can ensure your belongings are safe with us since we've been time tested. Just ask anyone you know who has used our services in the past, I am confident that you will get a great report on Boomerang Storage.

We thank you for helping us bring our services to many students all over the Northeast. Without you, providing our flagship summer and study abroad storage services would not be possible.

Scott George, Owner/Founder

Boomerang Storage, LLC


Boomerang Storage specializes in Door-to-Door campus storage services. We give you unlimited free boxes, pick up whatever you wish to store right from your room, then transport your belongings to our warehouse. When it's time for you to come back to school, we'll deliver your belongings right back to your new room. At most schools we will even deliver to your room before you get back! Your stuff comes right back around like a BOOMERANG!

Our goal is to provide you with such superior service that like a Boomerang, you'll return and use our service again! We will put forth our very best efforts to ensure your satisfaction should you give us an opportunity to serve your storage needs.

Credentials: Insurance, State Registrations, and Licenses.
Boomerang Storage, LLC carries all proper insurances, licenses, and meet all intrastate and interstate motor carrier and storage regulations.

MDPU #31673

USDOT #2204901

MC #765077 


Boomerang Storage's "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" program is part of our sustainability strategy to reduce our environmental footprint. Our boxes are made out of 100% recycled paper. Part of our commitment to any school that partners with us, will be to make sure all storage containers are properly recycled.

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